Test Your Eng Vocabulary in Use: Adv, Edition with answers

Автор McCarthy
ISBN 978-0-521-54534-1
Издательство Cambridge ELT
EAN 9780521545341


Did you know that testing your English vocabulary could be enjoyable? You can use this book alone, or in class, and watch your rapid progress. Each test will build your confidence and help you fix even more words in your long-term memory. You can use Test Your English Vocabulary in Use on its own or along with the companion volume English Vocabulary in Use Advanced.  Test Your English Vocabulary in Use:   is a convenient revision aid;   builds confidence in using vocabulary;   features 100 easy-to-use tests;   offers a wide variety of enjoyable test types;   has a clear marking system on each page so progress can easily be checked;   includes a comprehensive answer key;   can be used for self-study and in class.   Формат: 19,5 см x 26,5 см.