Tales&Poems of Edgar Allan Poe, Poe, Edgar Allan

ISBN 978-1-904633-41-9
Издательство Collector's Library
EAN 9781904633419


Стильно оформленное подарочное издание в суперобложке, с трехсторонним золотым обрезом и шелковым ляссе.   This companion volume to the Tales of Mystery and Imagination contains Edgar Allan Poe's best-known poetry, and a selection of his very best stories (many of which originate in his 1840s Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque), along with his finest tales from the last decade of his tragically short life.  Many of these stories and poems tell of the familiar Рое themes of murder, obsession and love, but this volume also contains many overlooked tales of the fantastic, black comedies, parodies and hoaxes, such as "The Unparalleled Adventure of Hans Pfall", "Mesmeric Revolution", "Hop-Frog", and "The Imp of the Perverse".   Формат: 10 см x 15,5 см.