Rdr+CD: [Juniors]: BARBE BLEUE

ISBN 978-88-536-2014-9
Издательство ELI French
EAN 9788853620149


"Who's who?" is a game of detective work and deduction aiming to stimulate the learning of vocabulary and grammatical structures which form the base of the English language.  "Who's who?" includes 66 cards in two decks of 33. The decks are different colours but have the same pictures. Each card illustrates one of the 33 different characters.  The instructions contain suggestions and useful ideas for a wide range of games and activities that can be carried out in class or at home with friends.   Размер карточек: 6 см х 8 см.  Размер коробки: 21,5 см х 14,5 см х 4 см.